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Popped my Let’s play cherry!

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Really glad to see my first “Let’s Play” came out satisfyingly well – I hope you will check it out

Major props to Bandicam for making it painless (and free!)Image


Written by skepticalsinner

November 13, 2013 at 7:28 pm

Why I hate pirating but…

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… if there are no other alternatives, I’ll do it.

this is to you AMC.

So you spent a bit of cash on a thing called “The Walking Dead“, a zombie show, if you will.

Question 1) Didja not think it would appeal to geeks and weirdos who were internet savvy?

Question 2) Didja not think that some of said demographic might not be able to watch replays at 2am or even 12am

Question 3) Didja not think about helping to broaden your fanbase by making the pilot available online for, I dunno, those folk who weren’t able to make the premiere, weren’t sure it would be any good, or had other shit going and couldn’t dvr? Didn’t own a DVR? Whats the matter, digital distribution too hard? No one to help? Like… I dunno, HULU???

Question 4) Didja not think those geeks who missed it and would be told by their peer group that this show is awesome, might know a thing or two about how to obtain it if you didn’t.

Question 5) Didja NOT think that a lot of these folk are good tax-payin people, who can’t stand piracy, but hate the fact that corporate america STILL doesn’t get its audience and get – I dunno that whole FUCKING INTERNET THING???

Question 6) If I donate to AFI the cost of 1 6th of the cost of a DVD, will that absolve me of the guilt of having to go to “the bad place

Question 7) MalwareBytes is still one of the best anti-malware programs, right?

Fucking Fucking Fuckety Fuck – seriously – you have a [i]website[/i] for FSM’s sake, don’t just play teasers about something cool I missed – post the pilot!

USE IT, you Assholes!

Fuckin’ AMC.


Written by skepticalsinner

November 3, 2010 at 5:57 am

On Glenn Beck and Net Neutrality

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Spent a lot of time reading through the Ars Technica piece on Glenn Beck and Net Neutrality

Huge amount of comments following it up, and two things are clear:

1) GB’s popularity/notoriety is still on the rise given a lot of the comments that come out in his support and kneejerk reactions to his stance.

2) A lot of people, including GB it seems, don’t understand what Net Neutrality is.

Now, one of the more reasonable Beckophiles did make a good point that what GB is afraid of , is that the goverment will go beyond the basic principle of NN and end up overstepping their reach – fair comment, .gov does that quite a bit.  I can only imagine that any legislation will be full of bloat and pork. However NN is such a singularly important concept, that we absolutely have to ensure that corporations don’t unfairly throttle down access to competitors or competitors of “friends”. Of course, legislation can’t ever be that easy – so .gov are bound to screw it up, like they did healthcare reform.

Written by skepticalsinner

May 18, 2010 at 5:59 pm