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Y’know? I like to see both sides of the political story, which is why I’ll watch Olbermann followed by O’Reilly and Glenn Beck. And to be honest, both of the Fox talking heads are talking a lot of sense right now.

The country is in the toilet, the stock market is umming and ahhhing and still the .gov is spending cash trying to make things right… but it’s not working, and it needs to show signs of recovery or that whole “hopey changey” thing really won’t matter any more.

The Presidential campaign for 2012 isn’t too far away now, only 7 months, and given how much we’re all hurting currently, it wouldn’t be surprising if the GOP take control of the house in the 2010 elections.

However, this is the party that didn’t come up with anything except oppose oppose oppose…. at least the Dems tried to put something together. Personally, I wouldn’t want to take over the country in 2012 unless some green shoots really start getting their shit together… what sane person would?

We’ve got a total disaster in the Gulf of Mexico that was predominantly caused by corporations running the government agencies that were put in place to regulate them, we have a crazy puppet midget in North Korea who is trying to start a conflict, knowing that the cupboard for military action is already getting pretty bare. We have Wall St out of control, making millions while we watch our retirement plans dwindle.

There is a lot of shit that is broken, right now…. a lot of policies in place that are wasting our tax dollars. It’s time for prohibition to end, at least on marijuana and… so called “sex trade”, and we need to focus on what’s important… putting in place a system that nurtures and encourages small business to grow and prosper.

We are also obsessed with the stupidest things, like the penny and the dollar bill…. if we can abolish the penny and the paper dollar (and save $500m a year) We are at least saying “things need to change – because doing the same thing is insane” Get rid of the Penny, and put George Washington and Abe Lincoln on the new Dollar Coin.

Legalize and tax marijuana, use a portion of the revenue to educate and rehabilitate like we have with alcohol. Legalize and tax prostitution… it’s called the oldest profession for a reason, and as George Carlin (rest his brilliant soul) said, “If selling is legal, and fucking is legal, how come selling fucking is illegal”

And again, use some of those new tax dollars to fight the downside of the “sin trade” like human trafficking and diseases.

This country cannot afford it’s puritanical and traditionalist roots any more. These things are never going away, the penny is worth nothing anymore, and dope and hookers will ALWAYS be around. Let’s at least say – okay, we get it… rather than cling to outmoded, outdated, and futile policies…. and just legalize it already.

Plus, having legalized dope, booze (thank you 21st ammendment) and hookers… I can’t think of a better way to combat Fundamental Islam than by being way cooler than our dorky head covered cousins.

While I’m on my soap box… federally legalize gay marriage too… do you have any idea how much these queers spend on getting hitched? Serious – fucking stimulus bill… well, in more ways than one… and a happy fag is good for the fucking economy and the morale of the people… can you imagine Bill Maher getting pissed over that? Thank gaaaaaawddd.


Written by skepticalsinner

May 26, 2010 at 7:20 pm

Legislative panel considers allowing .sex as a valid domain

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Soon to be followed by .duh

According to CNN

Apparently the most sought after domain name in this new land grab is going to be “”
The least popular? I’m not sure, but my prediction: “”

First I thought I was ambivalent about this decision but …more

Written by skepticalsinner

July 8, 2008 at 10:52 am

A reply to “Save Medicare – don’t support abortion”

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I found the original suggestion at

But it was sourced from

emaxhealth haven’t approved my reply yet (Shock) but I visited the Jax and shared my opinion on his epiphany.

He writes:

“I have an idea where the Congress can discover some of the money needed to keep funding the medicare program at it’s present level.
Congress spends the following amounts of your tax dollars supporting America’s own genocide, abortion!
In 2003, Planned Parenthood Federation of America extinguished the lives of 244,628 unborn babies — making the organization more deadly than leukemia, brain cancer, skin cancer, diabetes, car accidents, Alzheimer’s disease, and HIV/AIDS combined.”

He also quotes some impressive dollar amounts that the US Government have paid to planned parenthood

“2003-2004 … $ 35.2 million in tax money
2002-2003 … $ 36.6 million in tax money
2001-2002 … $ 12.2 million in tax money
2000-2001 … $ 38.9 million in tax money
1999-2000 .. $ 59.5 million in tax money
1998-1999 … $125.8 million in tax money
1997-1998 … $ 42.1 million in tax money”

Source: JaxConsertive – I haven’t attempted to verify the information, it’s moot as far as I’m concerned. Here is my reply:

“And if these operations were paid for by the government, meaning that the women undergoing the procedure were unable to, the tax payers would no doubt have carry the cost of those unwanted children over a course of 18 years. ….more

Written by skepticalsinner

July 8, 2008 at 8:11 am