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Hows the market for ya

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If anyone benefits from my sagely advice, they didn’t stop by and let me know.

But BACME at $1.50 topped out around $7.50, nice little hit there.

And .CMC  bought at $0.93 popped at $3.75 – score.

My eye right now is on Arch Coal – ACI – I’m thinking around $60.00 by Feb-Apr next year. I’d initially thought $75 by April but I don’t think the market has the legs just yet. The Apr 75.00 Call Option is nicely priced right now, and I may double down with a hold on Stocks, and pick up some cheap options for when the commodity rally hits.

I think GE is a buy too – but definitely a long hold.

Buffet’s got the right idea, now is the time to be buying. – Happy trading folks.


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